Decreation is a meditative sound journey to primordial soup. 

The world is like primordial soup with wild waves and currents, and everything is constantly moving. Let’s not resist, let’s not search for solid ground. Let’s experience the diversity and fullness of life. We don’t have to hold on to anything and we can become everything. 

Every sound frequency is present in noise. But we cannot distinguish any sound in particular. It is a way to immerse ourselves in primordial soup, where everything is already there, but nothing has been actualized. 

Let’s allow for more primordial soup in our life, and experience that we are connected to everything around us. Let’s decreate. 

I have performed various versions of decreation at:

Get Lost Festival, Leiden 2019

Neuhaus Symposium at The New Institute, Rotterdam 2019

Neuhaus workshop at The New Institute, Rotterdam 2019

Summer School of the Apocalypse (House of Being) 2019

And more performances are on the way.