I work as a composer, performer, theater maker, installation artist and teacher. 

During my Bachelor Composition and Music Technology at HKU I picked up a wide range of basic and more advanced skills that I still use in my everyday practice as an artist. During my education, I was invited to teach courses in (electronic) composition and Max/MSP programming among others. During one semester, I taught music technology and film music at University sts. Kiril & Metodij School of Music in Skopje, Macedonia. 

I found a great source of inspiration (and at the same time a destination for this inspiration) in VONK, the duo I formed with Boris Bezemer. We made strange art installations, rigorous compositions, catchy performances and we are still famous for the intense parties we used to throw. 

After my Bachelor’s degree, I deepened my composition skills at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During this year, I realized I needed ways to communicate my ideas more effectively with the public. 

That is why I spent two years at T.I.M.E., a Master program in music theatre hosted by the Royal Conservatory and theatre group Veenfabriek in Leiden. I was royally immersed in this interdisciplinary environment and got the chance to develop my skills as theater maker. 

Since my graduation, I have been involved in several (theater) productions, installations and autonomous work. I thrive on interdisciplinary settings and enjoy the process of developing an idea/concept together. In cocreative processes, my musical and compository mindset forms the basis and enables me to reflect on the creation as a whole. 

One of the highlights in my work so far was composing the music and sound design

for Jetse Batelaan’s The Story of the Story, which was nominated for a Silver Lion and opened the Venice Biennale in 2019. 

Currently I work as Ontdekking (discovery) at music theatre company De Veenfabriek in Leiden. You can read more about what I discover at the website of De Veenfabriek (interview in Dutch). Next to that, I am involved in several projects such as Ontschepping, White Noise (with Tamar Blom) and Phonetic Stories (Asko | Schönberg and De Tekstsmederij). 

“Things might look normal if you don’t know the story behind it.”